DEFRA: Agents of Chaos (2)

by Cat Whisperer — on  ,  , 


Three stories in the south-west involving local authorities and DEFRA cooking up environmental destruction while the entire country were kept in the dark during the Covid lockdown.

Plymouth, Torquay and Sidmouth were all victim to environmental degredation and no one was informed until afterwards - Easily the worst was when DEFRA sent the Forestry Commission to cut down over 100 ancient healthy 200 year old beech trees in a special conservation area on behalf of a land owner in Colaton Raleigh near Sidmouth without holding any public consultation.


And DEFRA’s excuse is yet another low quality deflection that provides absolutely no answer to the question:

“An application was made by a local landowner to the Forestry Commission, a branch of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. [DEFRA] would not comment on individual cases, but said all decisions were taken in line with its standards.”

Standards that they can't possibly divulge but they allow environmental vandalism on behalf of landowners.

DEFRA have procedures that include no environmental oversight and don’t consider ecological collapse, global famine or extreme weather events - because despite the world’s efforts to plant trees our environmental agency is giving the publicly funded forestry commission an order to help a land owner to chop hundreds of perfectly healthy trees down.

The only reason DEFRA needs to rule over farming is the access to an endless supply of bullshit:

  • DEFRA’s statement is indicative of the same meaningless BS regurgitated by every worthless bureaucrat; find a fact that they can repeat regardless of the question.
  • But what is so absolutely disgraceful is that DEFRA were not asked whether they had “standards”.
  • The journalist wants to know why there were no public consultations and why they granted a landowner’s wish to commit an act of public vandalism and why DEFRA as an environmental protection agency supports unwarranted environmental degradation.
  • DEFRA’s excuse doesn’t explain why anyone would be given permission to cut down centuries old healthy trees or why DEFRA ordered the public to pay the Forestry Commission to do it.