DEFRA: Agents of Chaos (1)

by Cat Whisperer — on  ,  , 


The people vs DEFRA: How can a bunch of clowns who love pollution and encourage the destruction of the natural world be in charge of the environment?

One of the most disturbing things about the UK system of non-governance is that while the elected government are trying to avoid governing by pretending that Brexit is a success and ignoring the cost of living crisis they play culture wars over checking that girls don’t have penises in weightlifting or how sending a hundred hapless asylum seekers to live in central Africa is a deterrent to small boats. And this is happening while the assorted civil servants dotted around the unelected clown outfits who are supposed to facilitate this insanity don’t have any moral compass and don’t have the experience or integrity to carry out the most simple of tasks let alone correct their mistakes.


DEFRA are the Agents of Chaos.

DEFRA have a track record of mishandling all of their responsibilities and have become known for their degradation of every sector under their control - and during this maelstrom of human failure DEFRA wrote regulations that demeaned business owners and attacked catteries & kennels because their dysfunctional regulations were never tested or assessed by anyone with knowledge or expertise of the sector.**

We saw a lot of coverage of the Northumbrian “Sycamore Gap” story in the media.

But just before Christmas I came across three separate acts of far worse cultural and environmental vandalism carried out in secret by three different groups of bureaucrats who made decisions that were obviously against the public’s interests and failed to inform anyone of their decisions … which I’ll cover in the following article.**