DEFRA: Taking Back Control

by Cat Whisperer — on  ,  ,  , 


No one involved in writing any of our regulations was qualified to write our regulations and everyone involved knew themselves not to be qualified and wrote them anyway.


Bureaucrats can’t justify writing any regulations without contacting the subject sector.

  • Since DEFRA made no contact with anyone in our sector, we have to ask what were the sources DEFRA used to base 26 pages of ill-conceived regulations on.
  • We have to ask how any qualified or well-informed bureaucrat could order a restaurant style five star rating system for catteries & kennels without there being any relationship between the rating and the services provided.
  • We have to ask why there is no correlation between the rating and either the experience of the business owner and the quality of care provided.
  • We have to ask why the regulations were released to local authorities without any key information on how to interpret the regulations.
  • We have to ask why DEFRA didn't provide a cogent or informative definition of any star rating to the public.
  • We have to ask why they chose five stars and then developed a two tier system of regulations that only allows any local authority to rate any established cattery either 3 or 5 stars?

The fact is that we already know what went wrong:

  • DEFRA had no relevant expertise so they turned to the Canine & Feline Sector Group.
  • The CSFG is dominated by charity lobbyists who don’t represent anyone in our sector and have absolutely no relevant expertise or connection with our sector and have not offered our sector a seat.
  • Presumably DEFRA knew that the CSFG had any necessary expertise and DEFRA knows that they made up every regulation and told themselves that the more nonsensical regulations they made up, the less likely any other bureaucrat would notice that they were unqualified and clueless.
  • DEFRA imposed new regulations and terms & conditions on private businesses without any professional oversight and didn’t even order impact an assessment that would have turned up all the obvious consequences of allowing unqualified bureaucrats to interefere in business.

Taking back control means reforming Whitehall because nothing a bureaucrat touches makes anything better and because all services under DEFRA have been degraded and are in disarray, that it needs immediate root and branch reform.

While negligence, arrogance and incompetence fully explains why DEFRA’s regulations were written, DEFRA have tried to sweep their mistakes under the carpet by labelling their mess as “unintended consequences” … when we already know that hubris, negligence, arrogance and incompetence are central to DEFRA's bureaucratic structure ... and without these traits present at every level it wouldn't have been possible to lose a third of the UK’s boarding capacity or cause a massive increase in unlicensed and unregulated social media based enterprises to spring up.